Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Outreach for Children at Codova & Beginning of Bible Bootcamp at Bougainvillea Village 3/30/13

Cordova in at the far south west end of Mactan Island. We had our first children's outreach there this week. There were about fifty attending which includes some parents. I preached on the Love of Jesus for us and God at times is having me to be very animated to get there attention, get the point across and for some laughs. For the first time I felt the gentle presence of the Spirit oh so slightly after the worship was led by Phoebe. I am seeing these children in all thee places love to sing and worship. I closed with a prayer to receive Jesus and from what I could see all prayed as is what has happened in the other two places. Only God knows who are really saved as of now. I will continue to keep preaching Jesus as long as we are there.

Pics Taken with Cell Phone

Video Taken With Cell Phone

Bible Boot Camp Begins with Small Group
Since it was Holy Week here which is taken very serious among the Filipinos our group was only about 15. It was a good group though and really loved to worship the Lord and received the preaching about the Love of Jesus and Salvation. 

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