Thursday, March 14, 2013

Agus Ministry 3/10/13 & 3/13/13

God led us to begin more ministry with a small area about 15 minutes from where we live. We began Sunday morning with about 20 or so and will have more as we change to Saturday mornings this Saturday.
It began to rain at times and then at the end the sun came out about 9:30AM and it became very hot, about 85 and very humid. Welcome to the Philippines!
These families are very poor and all accept one live in shacks.

As you can see in the above pics there aren't enough benches for the kids. So we went back today and purchased enough wood for one of the grandfathers to build one. We paid him because he needed money for rice because he is out of work. We also bought him 2 kilos of rice and 3 kilos of rice for his daughter's family of 5 who live in a shack by the road.

Guard at Lumber Yard

Lumber Arriving

Very Old Man Cutting Fire Wood

Building Begins

Rice Being Delivered to House by the Road

This is a very impoverished group of families. Please help us to feed them by donating to Elijah's Cry every month or a one-time large offering. We would have built more benches and bought more rice but we didn't have the money to do so. Your giving can help us help those who are very poor and teach the parents and children how to prosper in Jesus. This is the only way to stop systemic poverty. Until they and learn and use their faith we need to help them. As you can see in these pictures there aren't any fat children because most of them are eating only once or twice a day, rice only.
If you saw some of the living conditions of the people we minister to it would really shake you.

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